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Same Day Delivery in Delhi

When you live in an ever-progressing city, you are supposed to reap the benefits that come along! The capital city has lured many and therefore people from all over the country, even outside, come to settle here. Delhi is always on the move, no matter which corner of Delhi you reside in, it has a lot to offer you. Though odd-even rule in Delhi minimize the traffic to a great extent, but on usual days traffic can be a major issue for Delhiites. It may be difficult to send your parcels across the city. Say, Rohini to Greater Kailash, Janakpuri to Saket. Delhi is a mini-country in itself!
Meratask, a packer mover local service offers you seamless delivery services in Delhi.

1. Document Delivery

A document contains important piece of information and holds a significant value. Though most of the things have moved online, you still need to present your documents at most of the places. Meratask delivers your important documents at the designated location across Delhi and that too with an option of same day delivery. Sounds great, isn't it?

2. Gift Delivery

Every occasion, big or small, becomes even more memorable by presenting gift to the ones who are so dear to you. With Meratask, deliver your gifts to your loved ones from the comfort of your lovely abode. Be it a chocolate pack, a greeting card or a special painting, Meratask understands every emotion attached with the gift. The gifts are delivered with utmost care and safety.

3. Courier Delivery

Often, time is the major constraint and you can't get to a specific location to collect a required item. Traditional courier services can often take days to deliver the courier and can be a time consuming process in itself. With Meratask, we simplify this major issue you have to face at time. With the option of same day delivery, you can now deliver your couriers through Meratask. It is that simple!

4. Bulk Delivery

Invitation cards, wedding cards, corporate Diwali / New Year gifts - all of them are supposed to be sent to a lot of people around you. Meratask also has the facility of Bulk Delivery Services, where all you need to do is send the list of the people and their contact details. Leave the rest to Meratask. The special team of Merataskers are allocated to deliver the items safe and secured across Delhi.