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Same Day Delivery in Faridabad

Being the largest city of Haryana, Faridabad is also the economic hub of the North Indian state. The city is situated in the National Capital Region and shares its boundaries with Indian capital New Delhi. It is the leading industrial centre and has been described as third fastest growing city in India and eighth most in the world. Though this city has witnessed major economic boom in the last decade, commutation is an area which still needs improvement. With the lack of proper sign boards and transport system, it is not convenient for people to send their parcels personally across many places in this city.
Meratask, a leading packer mover service play a vital role in Faridabad by taking the responsibility of delivering things to the destination places and that’s to on the same day. The team of Meratask is committed to make the lives of people here more comfortable by providing quickest, safest and seamless delivery service.

1. Document Delivery

A document is an important piece of information and is of great value. In the world of advance technologies, though most of the things have moved online, there are certain conditions where you need to present your documents. Merataskteam is committed to deliver your extremely important documents to the required destination across Faridabad with the facilities like fast and secured delivery. Isn’t that interesting!!

2. Bulk Delivery

Sending large number of parcels like invitation cards, Diwali gifts, sweets, different people across the cities is a time-taking process. Meratask offers the service of bulk delivery across Faridabad. All you need to do is to provide the parcels, list of the people and their respective contact details to the team of Meratask, who will deliver the required parcels at the destined places on same day.

3. Corporate Gift Delivery

Corporate gifting is one way to get your business partners and your employees to lean more towards you. With the perfect gifts customized to entice your acquaintances, you can be assured by the fact that your very expression of providing your corporate relations with offerings shall bear you fruitful prospects of prosperity, and success. With Meratask, this task becomes easy as it provides the safe and urgent corporate gift delivery service to the people of Faridabad.

4. Wedding Card Delivery

Wedding ceremony is one of the most anticipated occasions in an individual’s life, be it a man or a woman. Certainly, this ceremony requires a great deal of meticulous planning and management. Amongst numerous tasks listed in your to-do list, sending invitation cards to your near and dear ones also hold an important place. It requires a lot of time, effort and the right plan to reach out to your acquaintances. With the support of Meratask team, this task is no more burdensome as it provides the service of seamless delivery of wedding cards across the city and that’s to on the same day.

Currently Meratask pickup and delivery services is available at pin codes 121001, 121001, 121002, 121002, 121005, 121005, 121006, 121006, 121007, 121007, 121008, 121008, 121010, 121010, 121012, 121012. We will soon expand our service area in Faridabad.